Esaber Behendig met Wanda   "Hennie"

Owner: Ingmar Pill


(Anne-Bram van het Reestveld X Dark'Un's Hartelijk-Blij)
DOB: 21.04.2010
Height: 56 cm
ED: 00
Eyes: OK
Spondylosis: healthy

When she was a puppy I wrote about the red girl:
Red was the troublemaker nr.1! First days after the birth when Jeti shouted for help because one of the children was escaping behind the horizon (more than 30 cm from her), you could be almost sure it was the tiny Red. Now she has calmed down a bit and enjoyes also sleeping - very often on her back.

She is our smallest, cutest and cuddliest puppy who preferes people to any toy, at least most of them.... And if nose licking (read: biting) is allowed, her little world will be filled with pure joy. Sometimes the joy won't fit to Hennie's body any more and bursts out. If you don't know what it means... enjoy it. But every puppy must have also a strong part and her's is the voice! I almost feel sorry for her owners ;)

Hennie is far from being adult even if her age would suggest that:
Like her older sister - Hennie seems to be the girl who needs time to grow up and find her place in the world. So far her main job has been to drive her owners crazy but don't worry, the day will come when you don't understand where that 'normal' dog came from! Hennie has been shown for few times and has too often had the unlucky position of being in her sister's shadow. She definitely doesn't deserve that and the day will come when ugly duckling steps out to take her right position in the world :) And did I mention the obedience classes? Yep - you can meet her there too!

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