VDH CH, Bundessiegerin 2012

Esaber Ambitieus met Wanda   "Amber"

Owners: G. Scheer, G. Scheer, A. Schlutter  (Germany)


You can meet Amber on trainingfield in Germany very often. She definitely loves obedience but her heart is on tracking fields.

(Anne-Bram van het Reestveld X Dark'Un's Hartelijk-Blij)
DOB: 21.04.2010
ED: 00
Spondylosis: healthy

As a puppy I wrote about the yellow girl:
Yellow girl is the firstborn and a big girl. She was one of our teddybears with whom we had no troubles with - she either slept or ate. During the weeks in this world she has become more active every day and now is equal with sisters from nose to tail.

Guess who was the puppy who caused all the trouble of making puppybox higher? Right! Yellow with her brother Grey! Little (&/(%&/¤%&!)

There are puppies who are constantly around your feet but she is under your feet making walking almost impossible! Pulling a cloth or chasing balls - she enjoys everything! Ambitieus is also natural retriever and happily puts the ball back on your hands. A perfect pup for all kind of sports!

Now Amber is all grown up:
She is small but she is there! It is so easy to look at her as 'just a dog'. She has it all but in small package. For many people it is not easy to forget the diasbility and look for the ability....

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